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Adventures In Playing And Mixing The Same Show

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in music performance, I largely gave up being a musician and concentrated completely on learning the trade of being a sound engineer. Although I continued to play the viola for perhaps the first half of … Continue reading

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A video preview of the new Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixing Consoles

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Andy Coules takes a look at the new SSL Live L300 Digital Live Sound Console.

It may be a compact alternative to the L500, but has downsizing taken away any of the original’s appeal? Andy Coules investigates… [Full Article]

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Psychology 101: Who’s opinion counts?

As a practicing sound engineer, who do you listen to before, during, and after sound checks, performances, and recording sessions? Spoiler Alert! The short answer is everybody. So now you can skip this advice column and read about the latest … Continue reading

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An object lesson in how NOT to record a live album.

Whenever we record music there are certain “golden rules” that aid us in getting the end results we require. These rules are based on years of experience and have been handed down from engineer to engineer as a useful guide … Continue reading

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