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Andy Coules asks the question: Are there too many bands?

It’s no secret that the very nature of the music industry has shifted dramatically in recent years. Various well documented and widely discussed factors have had an impact on how we perceive and access music in the post internet age. … Continue reading

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Yamaha’s new PM10 console claims to be “the birth of a new era in live sound mixing”

Company is calling its latest flagship desk “one of the most powerful and flexible digital mixing systems ever developed.” [Full Article]

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Five Things Every Audio Pro Should Know How to Do

These five common concepts and skills separate the skilled audio professional from the beginner. In our opinion, they are essential to a full understanding and mastery of audio systems. They are evenly divided between simple overarching concepts that can be … Continue reading

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Ten handy tips on how to become the worst Live Sound Engineer ever.

Lots of sound engineers want to be great, but you don’t hear much about going the opposite direction. What if you are trying to develop a reputation for being completely terrible? [Full Article]

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Adventures In Playing And Mixing The Same Show

"Once I got back into playing, I was faced with a dilemma that I’d really not encountered much in the prior 15 years: that of whether or not I might use my sound skills, my music skills, or both on … Continue reading

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A demo of the DiGiCo SD5 – Not a new console but worth checking out.

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