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Exploring the differences between small and large diaphragm condenser microphones.

There are times with the choice of a microphone to best meet a particular application comes down to a large-diaphragm and small-diaphragm condenser model (LDC and SDC, respectively). But what do these terms even mean, and what are the pros … Continue reading

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An interesting article exploring who you actually work for when you mix live sound.

As a sound engineer working in the concert and corporate event markets, I’ve found it useful to identify my primary (most important) audience for every gig… [Full Article]

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The Music Tech Dictionary: A useful guide to sound man lingo

It’s funny how certain words and phrases can mean many different things to folks from various walks of life. We, as audio professionals are no exception to that rule. We have our own secret codes, buzz words and phrases which, … Continue reading

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Andy Coules ponders that issue that blights the existence of Live Sound Engineers everywhere

Technology may be constantly improving – making engineers’ lives easier – but difficult mix positions remain a common obstacle… [Full Article]

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A video preview of the new Midas M32 Live Sound Console

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Some tips and tools for preventing noise induced hearing loss.

Chances are you make at least part of your living with your ears. Stop and think about it. Could you perform your job as well? Would your income level be the same? Would your professional reputation be intact if you … Continue reading

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Dave Rat explains the attention to detail he applies to a lead vocal on a rock show.

The attention to detail that takes place in preparing a rock show can be mind boggling. For example, I listed out the factors we account for in setting up the lead vocal mic for the Red Hot Chili Peppers… [Full … Continue reading

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Renowned live sound engineer Robb Allan explains how he got to where he is now.

Live sound engineer Robb Allan has been lucky enough to work with artists such as Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers and Richard Ashcroft. Allan has begun writing a series of blog posts while on the road with Massive Attack, and starts … Continue reading

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Some people are confused by the subject of phase. This article will help.

One of the most confusing topics in audio is phase. I think part of what makes it confusing is that people use it in reference to more than one issue… [Full Article]

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