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Andy Coules takes a First Look at the new Soundcraft Vi3000 Digital Console.

My first impression was that of a slightly truncated Vi4, it has the same four touchscreens and four fader bays but is slightly smaller, more compact – feeling somewhat more business-like… [Full Article]

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Some sound advice on Loudspeaker placement

Let’s say the sound system you’re working on goes into feedback whenever microphones pass under the loudspeaker array… [Full Article]

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10 Tips for Mixing In-Ear Monitors

10 Tips for Mixing In-Ear Monitors, there are 10 of them, ’nuff said… [Full Article]

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A handy tip on how to make mono sources sound stereo.

There I was, on Christmas Eve Eve, listening to the rehearsal tracks for our Christmas Eve service, tweaking the mix and thinking, “Hmmm. Something is missing”… [Full Article]

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Some useful advice on how to intelligently deploy EQ and compression.

Although the increase of options we have is a good thing, there are often many approaches that we may need to disregard even if they do seem to get the job done at first glance. I’ll elaborate on a few … Continue reading

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Digico training for those based “oop North” (i.e. Manchester).

Due to popular demand we have now released a second Digico training day on Wednesday 4th June 2014. This training day will give you an overview of the SD Series and, most importantly, provide you with the basic information and … Continue reading

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Four Signs Of A Mediocre Mix – And How To Fix It.

Does your mix suffer from these four common mix maladies? If it does, that’s OK because there is a remedy for each one… [Full Article]

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