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Free Microphone Techniques Workshop with LMC Audio Solutions

There are hundreds, if not thousands of videos and courses online all offering valuable advice on microphone technique, but nothing beats actually getting hands-on when it comes to learning what works (and what doesn’t) in real live situations… [Full Article]

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A useful analysis of some common wireless misconceptions.

When it comes to entertainment wireless systems, it’s not uncommon to hear a wide range of opinions, ideas, “facts” and methodologies about anything from microphone technique to drive racks to damping factor. And quite often, these perceptions are either slightly … Continue reading

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Still unsure about compression? This article should help demystify this tricky subject.

The compressor is a wonderful tool when used properly, however, often the basics of compression are misunderstood, leaving audio that would have been better left untouched… [Full Article]

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An article which underlines the importance of line checks and suggests some straight forward methods.

The line check. It’s one of those things that most sound people know they should do, or at least would like to have time to do, but often fail to get around to actually doing… [Full Article]

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What does “Sound Engineer” actually mean? Andy Coules ponders the subject in his latest article.

What is a sound engineer? Far from experiencing an existential crisis I am more interested in what the title means and how engineers are perceived by the world at large… [Full Article]

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Sign up for Avid’s Live Sound Plug-ins Webinar on May 1st

Today’s music fans expect their favorite artists to deliver amazing live sound. Avid live systems support the same Pro Tools plug-ins used in recording studios worldwide—so you can explore your creativity in new ways, and bring studio-quality sound to the … Continue reading

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The Mighty Kick Drum Mic: A Love Affair With Channel One

The kick drum is the cornerstone of rock. It puts the pop in pop music and is the one input that holds it all together. It’s the heartbeat of rock and roll. With most input channels, the goal is to … Continue reading

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Some useful advice on identifying and eliminating unwanted distortion.

A guitarist sees distortion as an effect for applying to their guitar’s sound. A sound tech sees distortion as a bad sound reflecting a problem in the audio system… [Full Article]

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UK events to showcase latest Soundcraft Vi Series developments.

Soundcraft and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd have announced a number of Vi Series events to showcase the brand new Vi3000 console, v4.8 software update for existing Vi consoles, and the new Soundcraft Realtime Rack plug-in engine. [Full Article]

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