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Making The Best Of Subpar Systems & Gear On The Live Club Circuit.

One of the toughest gigs for a sound person has to be going on tour with a band playing smaller clubs, where sound systems and related equipment can range from less than stellar to downright scary. [Full Article]

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How Do I Get My “Big Break” In This Business?

I recently received an email from a reader asking how to get started in the audio business. I had to think about it for a while, hope this helps someone. [Full Article]

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Martin Audio is offering free installation training for it’s OmniLine micro line array in Nov / Dec

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What “equalising the room” really means

“I’m going to equalize the room.” We’ve all heard that statement so many times that we scarcely think about what it literally means. We know that in practical terms it means adjusting an equalizer to suit your taste. It may … Continue reading

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Secrets of EQ in the Mix

When I first began doing sound, I bought a great set of headphones. I thought to myself – if I’m going to be expected to make something sound good, I should probably know what I’m shooting for. [Full Article]

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A useful introduction to the new Avid S3L Live Sound System

Robert Scovill takes an in depth look at the new live mixing system from Avid. [Full Article]

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Sound advice on what tools to carry every day.

How many freelance stagehands does it take to plug in a cable? It sounds like the setup line of a joke, but it’s actually the subject of a recent discussion with a colleague. [Full Article]

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Another fine article from our very own head lecturer.

In the current climate the demand for people who can fulfil dual roles on the road is increasing, thus more sound engineers are taking on the mantle of tour manager. Such dual roles can be quite demanding and require a … Continue reading

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