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An interesting review of the Midas Pro 1

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Aston Fearon explores the quest for balance and the evolving mix.

From a young age we are definitely taught about balance and are made aware of the benefits of having a balanced diet or living a balanced lifestyle. Any careers description detailing the sound engineer’s responsibilities will probably include the task … Continue reading

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A handy guide to optimising acoustic guitars on stage.

Dealing with acoustic guitar in a live environment can be tricky business. A lot of external factors — many over which you have no control — influence your options for getting the guitar into the PA system, producing sufficient volume, … Continue reading

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What standing waves would look like if you could see them.

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Dave Rat explores exactly what makes a great mix

Mixing sound in the live realm is not rocket science. In fact, it’s probably closer to voodoo. [Full Article]

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An article on ear health from our very own head lecturer

Your ears are arguably the most important tool at your disposal yet they are rarely maintained, frequently abused and often ignored. So lets take a look at how they work, what can go wrong and what we can do to … Continue reading

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