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Are You All In? Translating The Passion Into What Really Matters.

Recently, I was subjected to a strikingly dull conversation with a top touring mix engineer. He really didn’t seem to be into his job, or anything else for that matter. [Full Article]

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Brad Divens talks about mixing Garbage live.

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For the best results in audio mixing, context is vital. But can it be taught?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the role musical education plays in audio mixing. There have been numerous threads about the subject in several on-line forums, and the responses seem evenly divided between “not needed but it doesn’t hurt” … Continue reading

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Happy Time In Monitorland? Getting Your Stage Together.

A concert sound system is, in reality, two completely separate sound systems, joined at the hip by a split snake. Each system requires a skilled engineer, but the skill-sets between the two differ vastly… [Full Article]

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Audio at the Gates of Hell.

It’s been said that an audio technician’s job is long hours of boredom and mundane work followed by short periods of frantic maneuvering… [Full Article]

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