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There’s more to live mixing than set and forget.

How many times have you seen someone at FOH who’s just standing there? Maybe making the occasional tweak but after having established a mix, he/she is convinced that there’s nothing more to be accomplished. [Full Article]

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A fascinating exploration of the difference between acoustic and amplified sound.

What makes acoustic sound sound acoustic? [Full Article]

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A graphic demonstration of the Faraday cage (without which live audio would be much nosier).

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An informative exploration of the growing number of alternatives to the classic SM58.

Incremental improvements have lead to a vast array of useful vocal mics, including some current offerings that bring studio quality to live sound. So what characteristics make for an excellent vocal microphone? [Full Article]

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Find out if your ears are as old as you are!

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Getting a job is one thing, keeping it is something else.

So, who gets paid well and keeps their gig year after year? Mr. Invaluable. [Full Article]

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Some useful advice on making the live mix work in difficult circumstances.

Front of house engineers must know the absolute essential components of the sound mix that are most vital – in other words, the channels that the band must absolutely have to continue playing. [Full Article]

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Free ear training software.

For one week only the excellent Quiztones ear training software (for iOS) is free so get it while you can. [Download Here]

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